Instant Reconstructing Conditioner


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pH 3.5-4.5

This lightweight conditioner instantly reconstructs and moisturizes dry, brittle, weak, or over processed hair, giving hair new life and vitality.

Directions for Use:

MUST be applied to clean hair. After cleansing with the ENJOY® shampoo of choice, rinse and remove excess water from the hair.  Apply ENJOY® Instant Reconstructing Conditioner, comb through, leave on 1-2 minutes and rinse.

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5 reviews for Instant Reconstructing Conditioner

  1. (After using Enjoy Instant Reconstructor) I found my hair to be softer, less coarse feeling and easier to manage when styling. My hair was noticeably easier to comb out when wet, and softer to the touch after styling…I think I found the right balance (protein vs moisture) for me!

  2. Does enjoy shampoo for men stop hair loss? Can it make it thicker and grow quicker?

    • Hello Felipe, to enhance hair thickness and prevent hair loss, Enjoy Stimulator is the product to use.

  3. As a cosmetologist in LA, I have seen my fair share of hair products. The Enjoy Instant Reconstructor is definately my first choice for excellent mosturizing of the hair. The best part is there aren’t any overpowering fragrances or additives that the competitors throw into conditioners these days. I can Enjoy this product!! Please don’t ever change the formula!!!

  4. would like to find a salon in the concord nh area that uses enjoy hair construstor

  5. My stylist Melissa from salon Nuage in Oregon is amazing and sold me the instant reconstructor along with the conditioning spray, conditioning cleanser and the Enjoy repair shampoo and they are all amazing products. I wish I had a way to try them all. Being a single mom and on a fixed income beauty products are not a must they are treat. While I have these though I sure feel beautiful. They have transformed my hair and make my new highlights amazing. Thank you 🙂

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