Conditioning Spray

Conditioning Spray


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pH 3.5-4.5

Great for all hair types, this leave-in detangler will hydrate, strengthen, and reduce frizz. Great for reactivating styling aids and deodorizing day two hair.

Directions for Use:

Towel-dry hair, spray in and then comb or brush through the hair.  May also be used as a light detangling rinse in the shower.

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17 reviews for Conditioning Spray

  1. My hair would be lost without this bottle of amazingness. Use it everyday!

  2. Enjoy Conditioning Spray revitalizes my waves but doesn’t dry them out like a salt spray (and it smells awesome)!

  3. I use Enjoy Conditioning Spray all the time! (It makes my hair) tangle-free and easy to comb out. Great for long hair!

  4. Enjoy Conditioning Spray is my favorite….my daughter has unruly curly hair and she loves it!

  5. Favorite? Enjoy Conditioning spray for sure!! Love it as a light skin spray after pool time too!

  6. LOVE the Conditioning Spray!!! Makes my hair smooth and silky:)

  7. I LOVE the (Enjoy) Conditioning Spray – leaves my hair frizz-free and is fabulous for color-treated hair – as are all of your products – since they are sulfate-free!

  8. I love…LOVE all of the Enjoy products, but I have to say my lifesaver is the Conditioning Spray!

  9. ENJOY Conditioning Spray is my favorite product, hands down! My hair has never been this soft before. Your products are AMAZING!

  10. I call the (Enjoy) Conditioning Spray “spray butter for your hair”. It’s the best detangler, great moisturizer, awesome against frizz and if you shave your legs with it, they can’t get any smoother.

  11. This is something i MUST have….i spray when my hair is wet and also when dry to smooth and tame the frizz. i will use it at the pool also to protect my hair from the chlorine. i am an ex hairstylist and ive used every product..nothing compares to Enjoy shampoo and conditioners/cond. spray.

  12. This is the only product that lets me blow dry my hair and still have curls (without a diffuser!) Normally the scrunching method doesn’t work for me, but with this product I can blow dry it about half way, scrunch and go! I also apply this very liberally, as it was recommended to me to spray the product into my hand and then spread it into my hair.

  13. I have been using the Enjoy Conditioner for years and cannot live w/o it! My sister has discovered how soft & tangle free her hair is and also cannot live w/o it!

  14. This is a terrific product, excellent detangler and keeps my hair soft.

  15. My hair has never felt so soft ! Humid WX “MUST HAVE”

  16. I have been using the Enjoy conditioning spray for years. No other product compares. Works amazing on dry/damaged hair. I love, love, love it.

  17. What is the barcode for the conditioning spray?

    • Hi Lori. The barcode is 813529010296.

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