Super Hold Hair Finishing Spray


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A quick drying spray that is humidity resistant. Gives your hair volume, shine and control. Extra firm, flexible hold.

Directions for Use:

Hold the can 6-9 inches from head and spray product onto hair to finish style and hold hair in place all day. Play usage video

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7 reviews for Super Hold Hair Finishing Spray

  1. Enjoy Super Hold Hair Spray has great hold and styling, makes my hair shiny!!

  2. Super Hold Hair Spray (by Enjoy) does what it says it’s going to do without a film on the hair or seeing it on hair!

  3. I have been using Super Hold Hair Spray for a while and have loved it…except for my current can. I don’t know if the formula has been changed. The hair spray is so sticky. My husband has asked if I have changed brands because the bathroom floor in sticky now too!

    • Dear Miss Benchwick,

      I recently received your comment (below) regarding ENJOY Professional Hair Care SUPER HOLD HAIR SPRAY. We regret that you are unsatisfied with your current can and would like to reassure you that the formula has not changed. That said, occasionally we run across an incidence where a product has endured shipping or storage beyond “normal conditions,” which may affect its performance. May I ask when and where you bought the product? This information can help us determine the issue and make sure you receive replacement product.

      Please respond at your convenience and I’ll personally make sure you are satisfied.

      Best regards,
      Doug Smith
      Global Market Development Lead

  4. I cannot be more pleased with ENJOY Super Hold Hair Spray! his is a perfect product for my hair…looks beautiful and very shiny…never looks heavy, weighed down. Great natural look (:

  5. I purchase my Enjoy hair products through Amazon as I cannot buy it here in Northern Michigan. My last can smelled differently than the usual hairspray and didn’t work as well. My sister purchased a can through Amazon and it had a sticker with y our logo on it. It did not come as the usual can with the logo imprinted in the can. This hairspray smelled differently and had three different ingredients than her last can of hairspray. Have you changed your look and ingredients? We believe there is a company on Amazon selling a faulty product. Please let us know. Thank you, Tammy Odom

    • Hi Tammy! ENJOY is carried exclusively in salons and we cannot guarantee the quality of any products purchased on Amazon. Please use our salon locator to find the carrier nearest to you.

  6. I agree. The formula is different. It also smells different. I bought two cans from two different places from a licensed cosmo. My hair goes flat and no longer holds the curl all day. So disappointing. I have been using only enjoy products in my hair for years.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with Miss Benchwick. My first can of Enjoy Super Hold Hair Spray was awesome – adored it so much that when it ran out, I bought another. Other than the similar exterior look between the two cans (I confirmed with the Company that the name on the can did change to “Finishing” Hair Spray), I wouldn’t have even known they were the same product. There was a beautiful scent with the first; the second is nonexistent. The second can spray is stickier. Women know when a daily-used product has had some alteration (for whatever reason), so I think the Company needs to look into this – perhaps their suppliers are pulling the wool over their eyes (?) It’s very obvious to me that something happened. Thank you.

    • Hi Kate:) We would love to speak with you about the results you experienced from the second purchase. Please reach out to

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