Enjoy Style Dry Wax
Enjoy Style Dry Wax

Dry Wax

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Non-greasy, moveable texture. Pliable and workable wax without buildup. Firm flexible hold.

Directions for Use:

Apply a small amount on hands and emulsify (rub into hands). Work through dry hair and style as desired. Play usage video

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9 reviews for Dry Wax

  1. If you have long hair, use it (Enjoy Dry Wax) on the ends of your hair; it creates definition and looks really cool (especially with jagged ends)!

  2. I used to buy this product from ulta for which i love. now that you guys have dropped the brand from ulta i cannot find the dry wax i enjoyed using so much.:( i have tried other products and other enjoy hair product but was unable to find the dry wax:(

    thank you,


  3. The new smaller jar with an increased price per ounce is disappointing.

  4. I have purchased many of your products and consider them top quality. I was disappointed when you changed the color jars of your products, but could live with that change. Yesterday I went to purchase my regular size (3.35 oz jar) of Enjoy Dry Wax for $19.95 w/o tax and found that you have only the 2.1 oz size in its place for the same price of $19.95. You have cut your amount of product by 1.34 ozs/per jar at the same price. What goes? Also, part of that 1.34 ozs jar is in a jar that is double encased giving us even less product. Now I am disappointed in you taking advantage of this consumer. I will just have to find a comparable product at less price for the larger jar size unless you change back to the larger size at that price. Stop taking advantage of your consumers and expecting them to stay as your steady customers because they won’t.

  5. I live in Jeffersonville Indiana and can not locate a supplier close to me for your products. I want to purchase the Dry Wax. Can I order this directly from you or how can I get it? Thanks for your help

    • Hi Patsy! Here are salons in Jeffersonville that carry ENJOY: Heat Waves Salon, New Attitudes Salon and Tranz4mationz.

  6. I live in Washington State and cannot find a place that sells this product. I heard its great and i really wish to buy it. Is there any places in Washington where I can get it?

  7. I just received an order I had placed online for a jar of the dry wax and was very disappointed. I probably should have been more careful when reading the descriptions and did not notice that for the same price I used to pay for a large jar was now a jar for babies. I went to look online for the proper size and noticed that the price is double what it used to be. I like your product. It works well. I just don’t like it THAT much. I will be returning what I purchased and will not be buying any more Enjoy products. Thank you and have a pleasant day.

    • Hi Mike. Only authorized locations may carry ENJOY so unfortunately we can’t guarantee the quality of products purchased elsewhere.

  8. It took years to find a product I really loved to use for my hair. Since I started using this, I would never go back to any type of gel, etc…

    However, I can no longer find it anywhere!

    Enjoy, are you still making this product?

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Love this

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