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A daily leave-in scalp treatment with topical ingredients that help deliver important nutrients which are vital in improving the appearance of fine and thinning hair.

Directions for Use:

Cleanse hair and scalp with ENJOY® Therapeutic Volumizing Shampoo, rinse thoroughly. Apply ENJOY® Therapeutic Volumizing Conditioner to hair and scalp, rinse thoroughly. Towel-dry hair. Apply ENJOY® Stimulator directly onto scalp, distribute with fingertips to thinning areas. This highly active formula may cause redness after use.  May be used twice daily.

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6 reviews for Stimulator

  1. I have super thin hair and have trouble growing it out. This set (Enjoy Volumizing duo and Stimulator) helps thicken and grow my hair out! 🙂 Love Enjoy! ♥

  2. My husband used to use (another brand) Nioxin, but Enjoy (Stimulator) is so much better — he loves it!

  3. I had a problem with thinning hair a couple years ago due to medications that were interfering with vitamin absorption. I used this on the crown and right along my bangs. It really, really helped. I liked that it makes the existing hair appear thicker while the new hair is growing in. You can feel the tingle of it working.

  4. Is it supposed to suds up like shampoo? Because that was pretty odd.

  5. I used this stuff when my eyebrow, yes my eyebrow fell out. I swear by this product. It helped my eyebrow look thicker. I know you are supposed to use this stuff on your scalp, and I did that too. Amazing amazing!! spend them money, totally worked for me!!!

  6. Rated 3 out of 5

    The product is good been using it for years

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