Texture Spray

Product Overview

A multi-dimensional wax based texturizer used to create definition, separation, texture, volume and flexibility.


Usage Tip

Use with a blow dryer on dry hair to create more intense separation and texture. May be used with flat iron for smoothing hair.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Stephanie Acosta-Holguin says:

    My favorite product by Enjoy is the Texture Spray! I have a haircut that is very choppy and I love this to help enhance my finished look!♥

  2. Damara Justine Merrell says:

    Enjoy Texture Spray takes my curls to Diva status EVERYTIME!!!

  3. Kristie Burnett says:

    I love the texture spray because it is easy to apply (lovin’ the spray bottle) and gives hair just the right amount of texture without being too sticky or gritty.

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