Texture Cream


Give your hair texture, separation and volume without weighting it down. Great for spiking, flips, defining and enhancing curls. Easy to use on all hair types. Contains no waxes or oils. Rinses out easily.


For a softer feel, mix with ENJOY Shine and Smooth.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Mary Silver says:

    Does your texture and styling cream contain wheat proteins? I love your product and wanted to recommend it to a friend, however, she is sensitive to any products containing wheat proteins.

  2. Nick says:

    I think Enjoy Texture cream is a great product, especially when cocktailed with Enjoy Strong Holding Gel.

  3. Summer Shae Telebar says:

    After recently introducing my boyfriend to the (Enjoy) Texture Cream, he is completely obsessed with it!

  4. Christopher Benevides says:

    I use the Enjoy Texture Cream and it’s the best style product I’ve ever used. It’s so creamy and light with a perfect hold and great smell.

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