Super Hold Hair Finishing Spray


A quick drying spray with an extra firm flexible hold. Wonderful for both styling and setting. Gives your hair volume, shine and control.



The more hairspray you apply the greater hold you will achieve.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Enjoy Hair Care says:

    Dear Miss Benchwick,

    I recently received your comment (below) regarding ENJOY Professional Hair Care SUPER HOLD HAIR SPRAY. We regret that you are unsatisfied with your current can and would like to reassure you that the formula has not changed. That said, occasionally we run across an incidence where a product has endured shipping or storage beyond “normal conditions,” which may affect its performance. May I ask when and where you bought the product? This information can help us determine the issue and make sure you receive replacement product.

    Please respond at your convenience and I’ll personally make sure you are satisfied.

    Best regards,
    Doug Smith
    Global Market Development Lead

  2. Babette Benchwick says:

    I have been using Super Hold Hair Spray for a while and have loved it…except for my current can. I don’t know if the formula has been changed. The hair spray is so sticky. My husband has asked if I have changed brands because the bathroom floor in sticky now too!

  3. Stephanie Pack Bridges says:

    Super Hold Hair Spray (by Enjoy) does what it says it’s going to do without a film on the hair or seeing it on hair!

  4. Karey Randall Driskill says:

    Enjoy Super Hold Hair Spray has great hold and styling, makes my hair shiny!!

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