Shaping Lotion


Shaping Lotion: Soft defined curls, texture and shine. Create voluptuous flexible body and volume. Soft control and styling.



Use with a blow dryer and brush for soft volume. Great as a grooming lotion for short styles.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Enjoy says:

    Hi Rylee. Shaping Lotion’s lightweight formula will give your curls softness and definition. It’s also great for controlling frizz.

  2. Rylee says:

    I have naturally curly hair. I deal with some frizzyness on my top layer of hair but I get more uniformity at the bottom. I do have some damage and I want to try to enhance my natural curls with a good styling product that’s going to help add moisture. I am in love with my sulfate free hydrating shampoo, instant reconstructor, and hair mask but I am wondering if I should get the shaping lotion or the leave in conditioning spray to achieve smoother, moisturized, less frizzy curls.

  3. Enjoy says:

    Shaping Lotion is great for all hair types. It won’t automatically curl straight hair but will give you light thermal protection and style memory when you do curl it. To use simply work the product through damp hair.

  4. Mari says:

    How do i use it ? Would it crul my stright hair??

  5. Enjoy says:

    Hi Shana. Yes we did changing the packaging but the formula is the same.

  6. Jackie says:

    I have the most stubborn wavy hair that is very prone to frizziness. My hair also gets curlier underneath whereas the top layer remains limp and doesn’t know what to do. After trying countless amounts of curl products, I am finally happy with this one! This defined my waves and gave shape to my top layer that usually lies flat. It is not sticky or heavy and my hair still has volume.

  7. Shana says:

    Did you all redo the packaging? I went to repurchase it at my local salon and it was in a new teal and white package. I used it this morning and it didn’t seem to work the same as it did before. Is this correct or did I buy the wrong product? I LOVED this product and would hate to have to find something else.


  8. Enjoy Hair Care says:

    Hi Katie. We are so sorry you haven’t been happy and would love to speak with you more about the results you’ve had. Please reach out to customer service at

  9. Enjoy Hair Care says:

    Shaping Lotion is amazing for all hair types! We start almost every blow out with shaping lotion because it is lightweight, gives hair light thermal protection, and creates style memory.
    Check out this video to see how to create more hold.

  10. katie says:

    I have been using this for a few months after my previous stylist pushed me to buy it. for months i hated my hair and couldnt figure it out. I stopped using it a few days and loved my hair. Today i used it again and realized it was the product, not my hair. i hate the way it makes it feel and how it looks. i would never recommend this to anyone or use it again. what a waste of $20!

  11. Ashley Call says:

    I have been using this Shaping Lotion on my own hair for a few month. I love the product so much that I chose to use this product in my sales and marketing class in school. Just by sampling this product I have sold Shaping Lotion to 3 of my class mates. Best Stuff Ever. I would like to see the result of using it on a straight haired individual. I wonder if it would help them hold curl. Please respond if you know anyone with straight hair that has tried this product.

  12. Angelica P. says:

    The Enjoy Shaping Lotion works great. I apply a bit of the shaping lotion after washing my hair and it gives me natural looking waves. I recommend this product!

  13. stacy says:

    I have naturally curly hair.. after a shower all i do is put in the shaping lotion and my hair looks and feels awesome..

  14. This stuff rocks. I usually apply these then curl my hair and sleep on it overnight. My hair doesn’t feel stiff or fake but just naturally curly & bouncy. My hubby loved it when I always curl my hair and he would play with my hair and it won’t get messed up unlike with hairsprays. I reviewed this on my blog so readers will see. Enjoy!

  15. Dora Fujinami says:

    I’ve always had body to my hair but thanks to Shaping Lotion & a great layered cut I now have curls!

  16. Joanna Price says:

    The Enjoy Shaping Lotion worked perfectly on my wavy hair, and gave it just enough curl without that “crunchy” look. I was able to put some in my hair, and let it air dry down, and it looked great! Yay!

  17. Launi Peters says:

    This is my all-time favorite product. I use this on most of my blow-outs, any hair type. It does exactly what it says!

  18. Kristin Renee Franks says:

    Shaping Lotion is, by far, my favorite styling product for men… It’s acts like a gel by holding the hair in place without the hair looking super-stiff and if in the middle of the day you want to fix your ‘do or change it, it’s effortless and doesn’t leave flakes in the hair like gels do. My brother and dad both own this product!

  19. Jenny Moody Sullivan says:

    I love the Shaping Lotion! I use it everyday!

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