Molding Paste


This non-greasy formula offers moveable texture, and medium flexible hold. Great for smoothing, spiking, and control on all hair types.


Apply to slightly damp or dry hair. Work product into hair and style as desired.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Enjoy says:

    Hi Sharon, have you tried our salon locator?

  2. Sharon Hawkins says:

    I cannot find this in any salons in my area. Can I receive it by mail? I am using what I brought from Calif. and am about to run out. It is the best paste I have ever used. Thanks!

  3. RJ says:

    I’ve used this product for nearly a year… I’ve used REDKEN for men, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, Sexy, Tony and Guy, and the list goes on, but none of those products give me an all day flexibility and hold like this product does. After over a decade of bouncing back and forth amongst products, this one simply works. Cheers, and thanks for a great product.

  4. Joslyn Johnson says:

    I like the consistency. It (Enjoy Molding Paste) is great for piecing hair and adding texture. It has a great hold factor but never looks greasy or wet. It’s my go-to product.

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