Luxury Conditioner


pH 4.5 – 5.5
Smooth, moisturize and soften the hair while indulging yourself in an incredible soothing and luxurious experience.


This product may be used for shaving and moisturizing the skin. For best results, comb product through hair before rinsing.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Enjoy says:

    Hi Shelly:) We’re thrilled you are all seeing such great results!

  2. Enjoy says:

    Hi Angie. We’re so glad you love Luxury! Only authorized locations may carry ENJOY so unfortunately we can’t guarantee the quality of products purchased elsewhere.

  3. Angie Bowen says:

    I love this shampoo & conditioner! I’ve been using it for a number of years now how it leaves my hair smooth and silky! I’ve been ordering this via Amazon, where I last purchased 1 L each of the shampoo & condition in December for about $50 for the two bottles. I went to order another liter of conditioner the other day, which costs $50 – and does not include the conditioner. Although I really enjoy this shampoo and conditioner, at $50 a liter, I will be seriously consider using a different brand which costs have this amount.

  4. Shelly says:

    I have been using your products for many years and now my daughter is hooked as well!! Our favorite is your luxury conditioner, and leavin in conditioning spray!! I love that you have always been so consistent with your products, and every time I give a sample of mine to a friend they fall in love, just as my daughter and I did!! I just wanted toes you know how much we love you hair care line❤️❤️

  5. Catole says:

    Difficult to squeeze out of bottle. Need a pump bottle option. Love the product

  6. Littleton says:

    My hair stylist sez I should be using Enjoy conditioner with the grey label but I cannot see it on this site. Can you tell me the exact name so that I can purchase it? I have fine straight hair which is colored.

  7. Sarah Fae says:

    I absolutely love this line! my hair is very high maintenance and so far Enjoy is he ONLY brand that has worked with amazing results!! I love the fragrance, its so very luxurious!!

  8. Bulldog says:

    My favorite hair magician introduced me to the Enjoy Luxury line of Shampoo & Conditioner in California. I just love it and will continue to use this WONDERFUL product. My hair was damaged from many years of coloring. My hair is soft and healthy now. I can not say enough about the product and my hair magician. Thank You!!!!

  9. Diane Daniels says:

    I want to compare the prices on line and in salon. Plus, I am not home often and want convenience.

  10. Shayla B says:

    I have to say that I discovered Enjoy Luxury Conditioner back in 2008 when I moved to California and it is amazing. I have the softest and most luxurious hair with this conditioner. It makes me feel so great about my hair. I don’t have to worry if my hair will feel soft or not. It does so much for my hair and it has even helped my hair grow stronger and longer at a faster rate then I am traditionally used to. So thank you Enjoy!

  11. Crystal Vanwinkle says:

    I love the Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner by Enjoy because every time I use it, I feel like I got a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. It feels so soft and looks so shinny …It’s my all-time fave! :)

  12. Kate Lee says:

    I love Enjoy Luxury! It smells amazing and leaves my hair SO soft!

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