Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil


An intensive, non-greasy, dry formula that instantly infuses and absorbs into hair and skin dramatically reducing drying time.  Smooth, condition, and seal with unparalleled shine. Eliminates frizz. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity.


Great for use with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity and frizz. Excellent for hair and skin.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.



    Love this product but very hard to find in Canada. This product , Enjoy intensive hair and skin oil is the very best oil I have ever used.Are there any stores in Ontario that sell your product? So expensive to pay duty when ordering from amazon or Ebay. Thanks for offering such an amazing product that actually works!!!

  2. jaymie says:

    Love this stuff as well, i put it only on my ends before i blow dry & my hair feels like it has a fresh cut every time

  3. elisabeth swanson says:

    ENJOY Intensive Hair & Skin Treatment oil, is finally, the only hair product i have found that controls the frizz, accentuates the natural curl, and adds shine. I have tried so many products over the years in vain. This product WORKS, Full Stop.

  4. Natalija Josimov says:

    Love the Enjoy Intensive Hair and Skin (Treatment) Oil! I rub a nickel-size amount through my palms and apply to my dry and frizzy hair both damp and dry. Any excess that is in my hands gets rubbed on my elbows and legs!

  5. Brenda Morel Snyder says:

    Love the Enjoy Intensive Hair & Skin Treatment Oil – works very well on my coarse, thick hair to get it straight.

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