Hair Mask


pH 4.5 – 5.5
Intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair. Leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and easy to manage.


For a more intense treatment, apply ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray before the ENJOY Hair Mask. You may also cover your hair with a plastic bag and apply heat for up to 20 minutes.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Enjoy says:

    Hi Trish. Hair mask will be your final step, most moisturizing step so you don’t use conditioner afterwards.

  2. Trish Yelverton says:

    I’m new to Enjoy products. I’ve been using the hydrating shampoo, conditioner and the mask. Do you use a conditioner after the mask? Thanks

  3. kimberli Balabon says:

    had my platinum blond hair ruined by some BAD hari dressers and it started follind out. found enjoy hair mask and used it in the shower and it turned my hare disaster aroune almont over night it a miracal product

  4. Robyn says:

    I adore this mask, it’s a staple in my shower. I have curly, unruly hair that’s prone to frizz and after I use this mask I use 1/4 of the styling product I’d usually need, if any. My hair is smooth and soft and very healthy in look and feel. I let the mask sit for about 3 minutes and then rinse with cold water, works every time!

  5. valerie says:

    this is the best treatment i have ever used for myself and my clients. we cant get enough of this stuff, its the best seller at my salon. its such a noticeable difference especially when you apply heat and then blowdry the hair. its like new hair!!!

  6. celia cristina cavalcante says:

    I love it.makes my hair beautifull

  7. Celia Cristina Cavalcante says:

    The enjoy hair mask is the best. Love it

  8. Ariana Rivero says:

    This is the BEST mask I’ve EVER used.

    Everything about the Enjoy products is amazing.

    I recommend this to everyone!

  9. jaymie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF! I have long, wavy, thickish hair & oh my lord, it does wonders, although i did try apply heat & it seemed to dry my hair out…so i don’t do that anymore

  10. Kristyn Kilcullen says:

    I almost always use either a flat iron, curling iron, or curling wand on my hair so having a heat protectant is a must for me. When curling my hair with the thermal styling spray I do notice that my hair holds a curl better and lasts longer throughout the day. I also notice that it’s not necessary for me to apply a hair spray after ward either. My hair is not left crunchy like hair sprays often can leave your hair, which I really loved. I really ENJOY using the thermal spray and have replaces my other heat protectant sprays with this one.

  11. Michelle Giorgi says:

    My all-time favorite Enjoy hair product is the Hair Mask because it restores my hair in a single use!

  12. Jessica McLaughlin says:

    I want to marry the (Enjoy) Hair Mask! I notice a huge difference after one time of use… and that is important to me. I have fine, thin hair but this product does not weigh it down.

  13. Heather Shelly says:

    Love Enjoy Thermal Spray on damp hair for mega-volume and root lift!! And after it’s dry, it doesn’t feel sticky … hair is just full and beautiful!

  14. Shannon Green Daniels says:

    I love this stuff (Enjoy Hair Mask). Love!

  15. Bree Ribota says:

    Just bought the liter of the mask (Enjoy Hair Mask)! It’s totally worth the price for making my hair feel amazing and healthy! Love you Enjoy :)

  16. Ajla Kopcic says:

    This Mask (Enjoy Hair Mask) is AMAZING. I love it. It makes my hair insanely beautiful!

  17. Kari Mariscal says:

    The Enjoy Hair Mask is aaaamazing!

  18. Sheila Marie Rodowicz says:

    I love the ENJOY (Hair) Mask!!! It enriches dry unruly hair…smells AMAZNG and can really restore hair back to life after any weather, heat, or damage!!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

  19. Jenny Eades says:

    Enjoy Hair Mask-It totally transformed my unruly hair!

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