Dry Wax


Unique non-greasy pliable, workable and moveable wax without the buildup.



Heat the wax in the jar with a blow dryer to make Dry Wax more pliable.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Kim Smith says:

    Hi Patsy! Here are salons in Jeffersonville that carry ENJOY: Heat Waves Salon, New Attitudes Salon and Tranz4mationz.

  2. Patsy Beatty says:

    I live in Jeffersonville Indiana and can not locate a supplier close to me for your products. I want to purchase the Dry Wax. Can I order this directly from you or how can I get it? Thanks for your help

  3. matthew says:

    I used to buy this product from ulta for which i love. now that you guys have dropped the brand from ulta i cannot find the dry wax i enjoyed using so much.:( i have tried other products and other enjoy hair product but was unable to find the dry wax:(

    thank you,


  4. Kelly Tomlinson says:

    If you have long hair, use it (Enjoy Dry Wax) on the ends of your hair; it creates definition and looks really cool (especially with jagged ends)!

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