Creamy Pomade


A non-greasy, soft-hold pomade that creates moveable texture. Piece and Finger styling at its best.



Great for smoothing, control and texture. Add ENJOY Shine & Smooth to soften this product. Eliminates frizz on unruly hair.
*Tested on hairdressers, not animals.


  1. Atina says:

    Love the Creamy Pomade as well, it is the only product I have found that controls and defines my curly/wavy hair in order to go with the natural look… Simply put… I now ENJOY styling my hair. Thank you!

  2. Julie Graham-Craigg says:

    Love Enjoy Creamy Pomade! I love that it doesn’t get hard but it’s a great hold!

  3. Lindsey Johnson Sunderlin says:

    The Enjoy line is AMAZING! My all-time FAVE is your Creamy Pomadeā€¦.

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